Who we are ...

3 historical theologians, a historian, a systematic theologian, and an editor;

4 Episcopal priests, a professed member of a canonically-recognized Episcopal Christian Community, and
an Episcopal lay-person;

1 dean, 3 former deans, and 1 instructor of Episcopal institutions for local formation;

but most importantly
6 friends who enjoy deep theological conversations about the intersection of prayer, theology, and mission 

from left to right, top to bottom:

What began as a need for two of us to find a textbook that would contextualize the long and contested history of Anglican eucharistic theology for MDiv students, the project began expanding as a third proposed presenting a collection of essays to Bishop George Wayne Smith on his retirement from the Diocese of Missouri.  Realizing that this project would be a lot more fun with more people involved, an invitation to theologians in the Diocese of Missouri and surrounding Dioceses filled out our number.